I'm Thomas.

I live between Brussels and Stoumont.

I have always been crazy about busses, metros, trains, tramways. And computers.

Around those passions was my first startup born: ProchainBus. And then NextRide, nextmoov and Stoomlink.

My latest company got acquired by BMC, a joint venture of the 4 Belgian public transport operators.

As Head of Technology, I lead our Dev Team, design our technology choices and shape our stack and infrastructure.

I like to be at the intersection of business and technology.

That means I can say buzzwords very loud during board meetings or write not so bad business plans but that I also can single-handedly drive a Kubernetes cluster, or write predictions algorithms.

I can also hold a drill properly (I’ve renovated a few flats) and I know a few things about Home Assistant (I’ve been using it for 10 years).

I never say no to a good coffee.
Even more when it’s to talk about great ideas.

Current Status

🔴 I'm not accepting freelancing missions

🟢 I could accept board seats

🟢 I'm looking for conferencing and public talks opportunities