My AI-based cloned voice

I read a text for 10 minutes, and sent the recording to Descript

Result : Meet my AI-based cloned voice.

I can’t stop thinking about the implications of this :

  • Delegating the generation of any pitch, any demo video to anyone in my team. All they have to do is writing some text, and “I” will say it.

  • Using this in my Smart-Home Setup so I’m actually the one loudly warning myself when someone is at the door or I forgot to close the fridge. Ego-Trip Level : Ultimate.

  • Saving voice of your loved ones, and being able to listenning to them saying whatever you want. Even when they are no longer with us… Creepy Level : Crazy.

This is some Black Mirror grade stuff… Add to this a Deep Fake layer on top of it and…

Strange times ahead.